Regardless of how stable and reliable a hosting service is, an issue could always turn up with your websites. An update can go wrong and you can lose important data, you may delete a file or a whole folder in error or somebody could get unauthorized access to your account. In any one of these cases a backup of your content shall be a guarantee that the websites can certainly be restored the way they were before the issue showed up. The trouble with most Internet hosting platforms and Control Panels is that backups are created once a day and each new backup overwrites the previous one, thus if you discover that something is wrong with your website a few days later, it will most likely be too late to restore anything and you'll end up losing the info. To avoid this type of a situation, we have developed an innovative backup system that will permit you not just to restore your files easily, but also to select the date when the backup was generated.

Browsable Daily Backups in Cloud Hosting

The backup service is turned on by default for every single cloud hosting package that we offer and in contrast to other businesses, we keep a copy of your files 4 times per day. We also keep the backups for the last one week and we don't delete any of them, so in the event that you require any content from a specific day and hour, you could restore it without difficulty. Even though our tech support team can easily help you with that, you'll not have to lose time to contact them since all backups are available as browsable folders inside the File Manager section of the Hepsia Control Panel, which is used to manage the shared hosting accounts, so restoring a backup is as simple as copying a folder or a specific file based on what you need. To avoid any accidental deletions, the backups are in read-only mode, so they can be copied, but not modified. When you use our Internet hosting services, you will not have to be concerned that you may possibly lose content under any circumstances.